Past Graduate Returns to Class

James McLarty, 2016 GPCC graduate, returned to ѧԺ this week to share with the HSC Geography class

James McLarty, 2016 ѧԺ (GPCC) graduate, talked to the HSC Geography class on Thursday to enrich our study of Sydney. With a focus on sustainable development of cities, James deepened the students’ knowledge of design which improves water usage at various scales. 

Discussion of building materials, waste management and traffic planning provided a broader understanding of the future trends. Students appreciated his expertise, knowledge of the content and contribution to their studies. 

James is studying Engineering and Project Management at Sydney University, has worked for Lendlease and Central Coast Council, tutors at Sydney University and works part time at GPCC on the Green Team.

In November 2018 James was featured in a story as he sought a scholarship with Lend Lease.

"I really appreciated the holistic education that I received at ѧԺ through leadership and community involvement opportunities; the love, care and support from teachers and peers throughout my schooling and beyond; vast sporting events and being challenged academically but most importantly, the foundational understanding that we are made right with God by his grace through faith, an understanding which I carry with me through my days and underpins all I do, helping me to find joy and peace in this imperfect and uncertain world."

James McLarty