Ride for Compassion Coast to Coast 2022

Coast to Coast Compassion Fundraiser - Perth to Newcastle

An Epic Ride for an Epic Cause

On Friday 21 October 2022, we welcomed back our Academic in Residence, Dr Martin Dowson who has been riding his bicycle with a team supporting Compassion Australia on a fundraiser from Perth to Newcastle. They arrived in Newcastle on Wednesday 19 October to officially end the event, but Dr Dowson rode into school on Friday 21 October to an enthusiastic welcome from our students. He has ridden 4,800 kilometres in 34 days sleeping in Church halls, in tents and with only a couple of motel nights.

The team overall raised $919,430 in support of vulnerable children, including those affected by the global food crisis, and 173 children have been sponsored through Compassion Australia. Martin has raised $11,412, an incredible effort!  It's not too late to show your support via Martin's fundraising page -

Why Martin Participated in this event

In the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel from Nkombo Island in Rwanda lost her income, unable to sell pots and charcoal stoves in the market. She struggled to provide for her children, including Pacifique who is registered in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program at the local church in Rwanda.

"I was not able to get food to feed my children and myself. When the lockdown was announced, we were told only people selling food were allowed to sell in the market. This was a blow to so many of us. We hadn't saved money for such times and we don’t even have a garden to harvest from," says Rachel.

The pandemic has most affected the children who live in urban town centres and Nkombo Island, where agriculture is limited, leaving families unable to grow their own food. Compassion's local church partners are providing food supplies to vulnerable families, including Rachel.

"I'm so excited the centre remembered us during this pandemic and have given us food. I give God the glory. We have been given maize flour, beans, cooking oil, soap, and sugar. As a mother, I'm very happy that my children are not going to die of hunger," says Rachel.

Martin says "I'm supporting people like Rachel and her child Pacifique. When we see children living in poverty with limited opportunities, we can sit on the sidelines and do nothing, or we can get on our bikes and make a difference."

Congratulations Martin and the team, you have made a huge difference! GPCC are so proud of you in taking part in the Compassion Coast to Coast Fundraising Ride. We look forward to you sharing this incredible experience with our students and staff at GPCC. 

Enjoy our photo galleries of Dr Martin Dowson's Compassion Coast to Coast ride,  Dr Dowson's welcome at GPCC, along with a video of Dr Dowson arriving at the College.