60 Seconds with Jacqui Henderson

What year did you graduate from GPCC? 2005

Where are you working?/What are you studying? 
St Philip’s Christian College/ Graduate Certificate in Educational Wellbeing

What are the most important life lessons you learnt at GPCC?
That God is the most important part of our life. If we don’t get God at the centre of our life, life doesn’t have the meaning and purpose that it was designed to have. 

Are you involved in a church or mission? If so, which church?
EV Church

Are you married? Do you have any children? 
Married with 3 children. Luca, Lexi and Lyla. (5, 4, 2)

What’s the best thing you have done since leaving school?
Lived on campus at university, got married and had children. 

Did you make lasting friendship at school? Are you still in contact with old school friends?

Yes, still in contact with Jasmine Clarke, Cat Del Villar, Rebecca Hetherington and Brad Johnson.

Was there a defining moment during your time at school when you realised what you wanted to do with your life? Are you still doing this? 
Yes, History lessons with Dr Pearson. I decided I wanted to go and study history at university. I am still working as a History teacher. 
What would be your dream job? 

Living on site at a university campus and mentoring university students. 
What’s your message to current pupils at GPCC? 

Your time at school is such a small part of your life, in light of life and the rest of eternity. Cherish the moments you have with your peers, embrace the learning opportunities and most importantly learn more about the God who created you and wants to do life alongside you.