“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” - Psalm 98:4

ѧԺ has a vibrant Music Tutor Program offering tuition in a wide range of instruments, and catering from the beginner to the advanced student.

Learning an instrument increases memory and co-ordination, teaches perseverance, improves maths, reading and comprehension skills, creates responsibility, improves listening and social skills, nurtures self expression, and provides the student with an exposure to culture. 

Our Tutors

We have an outstanding team of Music Tutors who are not only gifted and caring teachers, but accomplished musicians in their own right. This mix of expertise and professionalism is part of what makes this program so successful. 


Tutoring occurs during College terms, with availability between 7.30am – 4.30pm.
Lesson times are decided in consultation with the Tutor, parent, and student.

Expectations of Being Part of the Tutor Program

Tutor Nights
Students are encouraged to participate in two Tutor Concerts each year. Concerts are held in the CAPA Theatre for the enjoyment of family and friends.

Make-Up Lessons
Where a lesson time clashes with a public holiday or a whole school event such as a Swimming Carnival, a make-up time will be allocated, unless by mutual agreement it is not included in the terms fees. 

If a Tutor is absent, a make-up lesson will be offered at a mutually agreeable time. If a student is absent, parents are to inform the Tutor directly as early as possible. If a student misses a lesson without 24 hours notification, the Tutor is not obligated to organise a make-up lesson, however, a lesson may be offered at the Tutor’s discretion according to availability. All make-up lessons should be given at a mutually agreeable time in the same term. If a suitable time is not available (e.g. because the missed lesson was in the last few weeks of term), make-up lessons will be carried over to the new term. Students have an allowance of two make-up lessons per term. This may be extended at the discretion of the Tutor. Generally, four weeks’ notice is required for lessons to be cancelled.

Regular Practice
In order to achieve the best outcomes from the Music Tutor Program, students are encouraged to practise regularly, to remember their own lesson times and come prepared for lessons.

Instrument Hire

We have a range of instruments available for hire (subject to availability) which are paid for per term. The College is responsible for general maintenance of instruments. In the case of a lost or damaged instrument, students are expected to cover the cost of a replacement. A small fee of $68 per term is invoiced by the College. 

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Enrolment: $40 per year (contributing to the cost of room cleaning, instrument, equipment maintenance and office administration)

Tutoring: $39-$44 per half hour (incl. GST) - set by and payable directly to the tutor

Instrument hire: $68 per term (subject to availability)

Tutors invoice parents directly by Week 2 of each Term and are free to set their own fee level. All Tutors, as private contractors, are responsible for dealing with financial payments from parents. Fees are reviewed annually. 

Please contact our Music Program Coordinator, Mr Daniel Friend, if you have questions or would like to discuss anything related to our Music Program.
02 4363 1266 | daniel.friend@gpcc.nsw.edu.au