Alex Beveridge VISITS GPCC

Alex Beveridge was a guest speaker at our recent K – 12 Easter Chapel service which focused on 'LIFE is – Serving Others'.

Mrs Rebecca Gavin welcomed Alex to the Lounge Room couch where he shared about his work at NSW Fire & Rescue and his experiences in serving communities in the 2019/20 bushfires and the recent NSW floods. Alex said “we don’t get called because someone is having a good day, we get called to places where people have lost everything or are about to lose everything and we are often the first responders. It is real eye opener, in some towns 90% of homes were destroyed on a couple of the streets”.  

Alex graduated from from GPCC in 2007 in Year 11 to pursue his dream to become a professional surfer, then changed to become a Graphic Designer, then a career change to serving in the NSW Fire and Rescue Department for the last 6 years. He shared about his faith and said “as a Christian my life does not revolve around me, it revolves around Jesus and I can pray for people that I am helping”. Rebecca asked Alex what advice he had for our students, Alex challenged our students “you are lucky to be at a school like GPCC and not to take that for granted, and the biggest decision in your life if not what you do for a job, or who you marry, but what you do for Jesus. Take all the opportunities at school to learn about Jesus, don’t waste the time.”