Nicola McDermott Wins Silver at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Congratulations to Nicola McDermott (2014 Graduate) for winning a Silver medal in the Women's High Jump event at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Nicola has broken her PB and the Australian record to become the first Australian woman to jump 2.02 metres!  

GPCC congratulates Nicola on her magnificent achievement and the way she openly shares her faith and her inspiration that comes from God. 

Nicola has inspired so many in winning a silver medal for Australia and in a post event interview she shared: 

“I am going after the gold in Paris, I am going to keep putting in 100 per cent because this is just like a little bit of encouragement for one person watching, that anything is possible when you have faith then I have done my job today. As a teenager, I was always an outcast, and I got welcomed into a faith community that loved me. I remember encountering God’s love and it changed the way that I thought of myself as a misfit. It gave me passion and purpose, and I think in 2017, it was my big moment when it flicked a switch, and I decided to pursue God over sport and whatever comes with sport is a bonus. But I am already complete and perfect in love regardless of it. That has just allowed me to soar over every high jump bar and not be scared anymore. Because I am loved. That is the most important thing.”