Maddison Beeforth represents Australian Youth at the APEC Summit in New Zealand

GPCC Alumni - Maddison Beeforth (2014)

Maddison was invited to represent the Australian Youth at the APEC Summit virtually held in New Zealand earlier this year.  

Maddison says "The APEC 2021 Voices of the Future Summit encompasses four key topics of which Australia is speaking on a “Future for all”. We are targeting areas including education, economic recovery, inclusion and diversity in our segment. I was lucky to be asked to be the spokesperson for our Australian team.  The full conference will be held in November where we will be presenting the youth declaration to Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand." 

Maddison is engaged to be married in March 2022 and is currently working as a Recruiter and Careers Consultant for legal and government roles. 

Photo: Maddison Beeforth (bottom right) at the APEC Summit in a meeting with the Governor General and Mrs Hurley