PRINCIPAL Phillip Nash - introduction to our GPCC Alumni

I am looking forward to the celebration of 40 years of GPCC and hope you will join us in our celebrations. It has been my privilege to be the 6th Principal of GPCC. I began in June 2019 after spending 7 years as the Head of a group of Christian schools in Indonesia and before that as Principal of a large Christian school in New Zealand. My experience has been as an English and History teacher, holding various administrative roles including General Manager of a large Trust that operated a group of Christian educational institutions in New Zealand.

I have a Master’s in Educational Administration and am currently working on a PhD. I believe in learning for life and modelling that to students. I am married to Raema who is a full-time quilter and runs her own business, we have three children and three grandchildren.

Over the past two year at GPCC we have revised our motto, developed a new Purpose Statement and a Graduate profile. We have sought to remain true to the vision that Green Point Baptist Church had for the school. There are exciting days ahead with plans to open a school for autistic children on our site and we are in process of purchasing a property in the NSW outback to use for outdoor educational activities for our students.

I hope you can join us next year for our celebrations.

Phillip Nash

(May 2021)